Online casinos offer a series of welcome bonus packages to new players. Among the welcome bonus packages given to players includes bonuses. One of the giveaway fro such casinos is the no deposit bonus. The no deposit bonus is a type of free spins available at onlinecasino-newzealand . What dos this mean to a player exactly? How do they work? Are there any kind of restrictions that come with it?

Is It Free Cash?

No. Many people assume that since the online casino is giving you money it is free. This might be to fact that the no deposit bonus is also known as the free cash bonus. The type of bonus is offered to players in the sense when they are signing up to a new casino. The players are not obliged to make a deposit to the account first.

Accepting the no deposit bonus means that you can either chose to deposit to the account in future. The bonus terms does not tie the person to deposit real cash once you have used up the cash in case do not intend to. It is not free cash in the sense that you can simply make a claim for the cash and make a withdrawal.


Why Should I Use a No Deposit Bonus?

There are various situations where the no deposit bonus comes in handy for a player. In case you are a beginner to a casino, you might feel lost with how the casino and games work out. You need a trial version to get to learn how your games play. This is where you will need to use the no deposit bonus at the casino.

How can you build your bankroll? Building a bankroll is a critical process that calls for money management skills. In case you lack the skills, you can still develop them using the no deposit bonus. Which slot machines have high payouts? The only answer to this question is by trying out the slot machines. Use the free cash bonus to learn firsthand.

What About Wagering Requirements?

No deposit bonus is not free cash from the casino. Therefore, a player cannot claim the money and withdraw. The free cash comes tied with wagering requirements. How will the wagering requirements affect your game? The wagering requirements are a set of conditions which a player must fulfill before withdrawing their money in case of winnings. It is important to note that the no deposit bonus fetch a low value.

Most online casinos attach high wagering requirements when it comes to the no deposit bonuses. The main aim is to ensure you stay at the online casino for a long time. It is a suave business strategy, since the more you stay, the more money they earn. The no deposit bonus will keep you at the casino before you claim it and make a withdrawal.

Are No Deposit Bonuses Available to New Players Only?

No. In case you are an existing player to an online casino, you can still access the no deposit bonus. However, the bonus will not be the no deposit one. The terms and conditions of the no deposit bonus apply largely to new players. There are two types of no deposit bonuses. The first type, is the sign up bonus which works when signing up to an online casino.

In case you already have an account at the casino, you can still access other types of bonuses from the online casino. The matched deposit is a common bonus type which is similar to the no deposit bonus. The same principles that apply to no deposit bonus also applies with the matched deposit bonus. You must meet the high wagering requirements that comes with it.

How Can I Claim My No Deposit Codes?

It is important to note that the online casino are different from one another. Therefore, there are different processes for claiming the no deposit codes. Some online casinos call for the use of promo codes. The promo codes are used when a player is singing up to the online casino. This is filled when you are filling your personal details to the online casino.

Other online casinos do not have promo codes. Therefore, you will have to contact the support team for further information relating to the bonus. For other casinos, there exists a button that you need to click to have the bonus added to your account. It is important to read all the information related to the bonus. The bonuses have country restrictions for their players.